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There are more and more artists who, luckily, dare to share their fears with their audience, undressing in a metaphorical sense to allow us to enter their thoughts and reflections. A decision that helps us understand that, after all, we are all human beings who feel, get excited and fear certain things. Now, British singer-songwriter Lisa Wright is releasing her new single, Ready Now. A track that was written with songwriter Rachel Furnerhat that surrenders to her hesitations of falling in love with a tender and sombre tone, yet with courageously honest sentiment.

“It’s the most personal and most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my songwriting and ironically, the most that’s ever sounded like the real ‘me’,” says the artist when asked what this new single has meant to her. And it is that the artist has made music a language with which she frees herself from her fears and concerns through music: “I felt like it was this weight that hung around me and writing always allows me to unravel complex thoughts that never seem to make sense at the time. I think that’s why people enjoy journaling or writing in other ways.”

Ready Now comes along with a music video directed by Dan Lowenstein in which the emotional connection and the movement of the body help us immerse ourselves in an introspective emotional state in just 3 minutes. Her voice full of nuances and her honesty and sincerity make her an artists to watch out for, as she draws inspiration from artists such as Carole King or Alison Krauss. We recommend listening to the single several times and analysing the lyrics to unravel its deep meaning.

David Alarcón

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