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In this season, the Turkish firm Les Benjamins takes us on a journey into the future, but not one where robots and AI dominate the world, but one where culture has served as a pillar for its construction and where, despite looking forward, the nostalgia of the past remains in our essence and gives us a hope as human as it is progressive.

In the photographs, where only the models wearing the Fall/Winter 2023 collection garments and the desertic background communicate enough about the concept behind this season, it is impossible not to associate this loneliness in the vastness with a dystopian universe where the inhabitants dress not only for the aesthetic but also for the functional. The concept is effectively this: devised by the brand's Creative Director, Bunyamin Aydin, the combination of different influences and elements characteristic of the brand's style are made manifest in a wide range, from the most futuristic details with elements drawn from the sci-fi and gaming universes to the more traditional and personal side of Les Benjamins, such as the incorporation of traditional symbols of Eastern culture.

This fusion of aesthetics translates into garments that feature elements undeniably suited to life in a dystopian desert, from military and technical silhouettes and materials in garments like puffer jackets or hoodies to more flowing and comfortable garments like long waistcoats in lightweight materials like silk and crepe or dresses with hoods incorporated in the best Dune style. The colour palette is subdued and deep, in a way that seems to camouflage itself with its surroundings; sand and earth tones predominate but are interrupted by touches of neon, mainly greens and blues in different shades. The properties of the colours are highlighted by the progression of the desertic world as day turns to night and what once appeared to be more human and natural takes on more futuristic and cyberpunk overtones.

Natalia Andrea Pérez Hernández

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