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Between dream and reality, Future Husband's work is mesmerising. Ritual is the first single from the Dutch Nigerian singer-songwriter Adura Sulaiman, who after years spent touring the world with other bands decided to undertake her solo project to unleash all her artistic and creative interests. Beyond the single, what is truly incredible is the narrative video that she now unveils, in which the cinematographic universe meets a story that starts from personal experiences mixed with an extremely interesting sound.

“Even though it was years later, I was still dreaming about the way it ended and couldn't really process. When I started writing the songs, I quickly knew what I was writing about,” says the artist when asked about how she processed her first breakup, which is the main inspiration for her new release. Ritual is a song where love meets the need to make decisions and overcome situations that may overwhelm us. “It can be hard to let go of the love you receive from someone who means very well but is reckless in the process of loving you,” she adds.

Having toured with bands like Feng Suave or Sofie Winterson, Future Husband now sings from an enveloping introspection that she shapes through her own intimate sound. The track was mixed in New York by Grammy Award winner Scott Jacoby, and the loose composition and lyrical concepts were reshaped and recorded alongside some of her bandmates and best friends. We highly recommend watching the narrative video several times and paying attention to detail. “Can’t you see that you burnt my house down with the candles that you brought,” she sings.

David Alarcón
Renée Meijer
Fidelio Faustino 
Written by
Adura Sulaiman & Fidelio Faustino 
Director of Photography
Fidelio Faustino 

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