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A four-wall room, two of which depict overwhelming artistry while the other two display spaced-out pieces, this collection explores the cross between reality and the digital world. An homage to the horror film series of the same name, Poltergeist, is Farah Al Qasimi’s latest exhibition at C/O Berlin, a showcase through which the Abu Dhabi-born artist displays new photographs and works alongside older videos and photographs, exploring the divide between old and new.

The young Yale graduate implements everyday objects into her works. She uses items of plastic, rubber, and copious amounts of materials to depict the presence of normalcy in today’s life, while juxtaposing this idea with the negative effects of technology. She explores this further in her adjacent film, titled Psychic Repair, which discusses how shopping both in real life and online has different effects on the individual as well as attention span in regard to reward.

She incorporates all these themes into a cohesive showcase through Poltergeist, and is inspired by the concept of how excess energy that people don’t exert are then transferred into inanimate objects. This influences the way she curated the four walls that make up her solo show, which is on view until September 7th.

Zach Lee

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