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In his new single, All My Friends, the Nottingham-raised singer-songwriter Drew Thomas tackles one of the most recurrent topics in conversations and one that continues to concern many people. Exploring the pressures of settling down, seeing friends bringing children into the world and getting married, yet the abundance of pressure that follows when that just doesn't seem to be the way life is panning out for you. Not following the path dictated by society, the rhythms that are considered normal and imposed for decades, can lead to frustrations or feelings of loneliness. And this new anthem wants to make us feel free to trace our own route and be completely honest with ourselves.

All My Friends is about watching all of your mates starting to build homes, make families and have kids but refusing to settle down yourself. It's about still having the party lifestyle and getting drunk every night but feeling left behind by the people you used to love,” says the singer about his new single. A reflection that has a special background for the artist as he explains. “To me, it’s also had a deeper meaning the more I’ve played it because, for the LGBTQI+ community, it’s not as simple and straightforward as setting down whenever you want and naturally end up resenting stereotypical relationship culture as a result.”

Having supported renowned artists such as Kaiser Chiefs, Thomas Headon and Billy Lockett, this new release produced alongside Natt Webb and Charlie Thomas dives headlong into an issue that many people have experienced, and once again highlights the social impositions that greatly determine our lives. All My Friends proves once again his truly addictive musical persona.

David Alarcón
Rebecca Need-Menea

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