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Time to dive deep into your inner psyche with Dirty Versachi’s newst release, Fantasy Control, out today via imprint Awal. With this new song, the self-proclaimed intergalactic superstar aims to explore sexual fantasies “in a camp and ironic way.” The banger is paired with a vibrant, colourful and fun music video inspired by ‘90s rave culture. 
Fantasy Control is about how far you’re willing to push yourself in the pursuit of a crazy, amazing, liberating, sexual experience,” the Naarm/Melbourne-based artist explains. “Being on Grindr, I’ve received sooooo many crazy messages from people! I’m a very sexually open person and exploring sexual fantasies is a part of that,” They say about their personal experiences. “Sex is fun, it’s exciting, it’s liberating. That’s what it’s about for me,” They conclude enthusiastically.  

And so, with that intention, Dirty Versachi released their new single, a track with heavy bass and slick dance floor-ready vibes. We hear them whisper rather than sing, something that imbues the song with a highly sexual energy. And lyrics like “Wanna go out? / Wanna find daddy? / Gateway love / Let’s get dirty!” also keep that feeling of sexual freedom high.

The music video that comes with it is full of latex, references to Club Kids, acid green, strobing lights, glam makeup, and hot, sweaty dancers. “I wanted the film clip to be a fun and playful take on naughty fantasies,” Dirty Versachi explains about it. “I wanted it to feel camp and fun, but also serious, impactful, and meaningful. I think there are definitely still a lot of taboos around queer sex and sexualities, and I wanted to try remove some of those stigmas through this clip and really showcase the fun side.”  

David Valero
Bonn Creative

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