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Speaking of a carefree night out and having fun with the homies, Dave Luv releases his latest single, Gunfire, featuring Reo Cragun. “Everybody drinking / Everybody smoking / If you brought a bottle / Break that shit open / We gon keep it goin / From night until the morning,” the Chicago-born rapper sings in the chorus. You get the vibe, don’t you?

Like a match made in heaven, Dave Luv and Reo Cragun got together to sing, write and star in Gunfire, a feel-good song that’s a perfect fit for a wild night out. It’s about drinking at home with friends while waiting for extra company to have fun in bed, but shying away from catching feelings and overcomplicating things. “She’s a baddie I know / But I ain’t fallin in love / I’m just havin some fun tonight,” Luv sings, sending a clear message about his happiness being single and enjoying every second of it. This perfect duo is complemented by renowned producer Onassis Morris, who adds an extra layer of top-class artistry.

Accompanying the song, they’ve also released a music video directed by Nicholas Jandora. Driving an attention-drawing orange convertible car across a residential neighbourhood on a sunny day followed by some footage shot at a psychedellic home with lots of colourful wallpaper, the audiovisual piece also embodies the carefree spirit of the song.

David Valero
Nas Bogado

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