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Like an alchemist with sulphur and mercury, Acne Studios takes advantage of the current moment in men's fashion, where limits and boundaries are blurring, to offer us a story of opposites between the typically masculine and feminine, because they are both parts of the same sphere. We find a golden look as the first thing that welcomes us into their world. Gold in alchemy represents essence and wholeness, and the model is seen almost wrapped in a golden leaf, baring his shoulders whilst wearing pointy cowboy boots, creating an idyllic image of a man unafraid to express himself.

In Creative Director Jonny Johansson's own words: “The contrast I built the collection on is simple: ultra-masculine versus ultra-feminine. I felt inspired by the new man, the new way of looking at things, and by men who can show vulnerability aesthetically. I was intrigued by the thought of a caveman being the most masculine thing and I used that as a contrast.” This is seen, for example in the revisiting of the classic football player look and the loose-fitting sportswear clothing mixed with the satin shirts and cropped shirts. The colour palette even reflect this, through earthy, powdery and rust tones printed with patterns of natural minerals and precious stones.

In this campaign, we see the representation of a caveman, an archetypal image of the masculine in its pure state, framed in what could be a Renaissance pictorial composition, in the purest style of the Virgin of the Rocks, vulnerable and delicate. Undoubtedly a declaration of intentions, through contrasts we see how this new masculinity is constructed.

Álvaro Bochert

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