Hotspots - EventsMarch 05, 2019
Elevastor x Palomo Spain x METAL Magazine
This is how you throw a party in Paris, bitch

Get inside last Friday’s opening, which felt more like an underground party in Berlin than a fashion week event in Paris: sick beats and the coolest people.

Hotspots - PhotographyDecember 12, 2018
Galerie Number 8
A celebration of black identity

With no prior experience in the art world, Marie Gomis-Trezise opened an online art gallery two years ago to showcase the works of African artists.

Fashion - Hotspots - ArtOctober 17, 2018
Atelier de Paname
A lab for the mind

Salomé Partouche and Jean Samuel Halifi founded this creative incubator in Paris, which now hosts fifteen artists and the Biennale de Paname edition 2.

Hotspots - EventsApril 17, 2018
Making the world a better place

How can we change the world from the comfort of a hotel bed? This April 19, The Student Hotel in Barcelona invites you to so in this extraordinary festival.

Hotspots - MusicMarch 26, 2018
ISM Hexadome
When music entered the museum

Thom Yorke or Brian Eno are some of the artists that enter the museum in the ambitious venture of a very special institute uniting sound, art and technology.

Hotspots - ArtFebruary 27, 2018
Galerie Blanc
Enjoying art in open air

Alexandre Berthiaume and Nicolas Denicourt have opened an art gallery in Montreal (Canada) that revolutionizes the usual approach to art by making it open-air.

Hotspots - PhotographyFebruary 19, 2018
Valid Foto Gallery
The place for photo lovers

Fernando Peracho founded this photography-focused art gallery in Barcelona ten years ago. Now, with the help of Bertie, they’ve opened a new polyvalent space.

Travel - HotspotsFebruary 13, 2018
Maayan Zilberman
When candy becomes art

If you like sweets, you’ll love Sweet Saba, a company that creates unique and arty hand-made candy in the shape of lipsticks, rings, and precious gems.