Florianhetz metalmagazine
PhotographyApril 11, 2018
Florian Hetz
Male beauty at its best

If you have a fetish for armpits, necks, hands, feet, or nipples, it’s your lucky day. Delve into the homoerotic world of this subversive photographer.

Thomasalbdorf metalmagazine 1
PhotographyApril 09, 2018
Thomas Albdorf
There is something there

Meet the Austrian artist changing the status quo of photography through an experimentation-based artistic practice and digital post-production processes.

Michaelsalerno metalmagazine 5
Art - PhotographyApril 02, 2018
Michael Salerno
A rare and intense celebration of childhood

Deep and instinctive, this photographer shows the emotions that we all went through during a specific period of our life in a quite introspective way.

Seydoukeita metalmagazine 4
PhotographyMarch 30, 2018
Seydou Keïta
The portrait of an era

Inaugurating on April 6 at Foam in Amsterdam, discover the first-ever retrospective of the Malian photographer, who portrayed his homeland’s independence.

Gil inoue
Photography - MusicMarch 28, 2018
In the quest for a new identity

Inaugurating on April 7 at NAK in Germany, Fischerspooner’s unique site-specific installation explores themes like self-construction and idolization.

Matthewbrandt metalmagazine 21
PhotographyMarch 27, 2018
Matthew Brandt
The poetry of degradation

The young photographer thinks that inherent in destruction are always notions of rebirth. We interviewed him to investigate further his creative process.

Kenzo elephant  paris 1992 jean marie perier galerie photo 12  bd
Fashion - PhotographyMarch 23, 2018
Jean-Marie Périer
An A-list firmament

On view until May 12, the exhibition “Fashion Galaxy” held at Photo12 Galerie in Paris displays 25 large-scale portraits of major fashion designers.

Harley weir baron magazine3
Mags - PhotographyMarch 20, 2018
Harley Weir x Baron
Desire or disgust

This collaboration book contains an exploration of the female body, its biological conditions such as reproduction or birth and how it is perceived by society.