MusicMarch 15, 2023
Mae Deline
Honesty and courage

Her new single “Black Hole” was inspired by a past relationship that wasn't meeting her emotional needs and delves into human connection and intimacy.

MusicMarch 15, 2023
Earthquake Lights
Finding out a bit about themselves

Taking its name from the rare and momentary growth and flourishing of plant life in the desert, they're now releasing their new album “Desert Bloom.”

MusicMarch 14, 2023
No Plexus x Rewire festival 2023
Taking no prisoners

Get to know the genre-queer Amsterdam duo ahead of their Young Artist Residency at Rewire festival sat with Tim Hecker and Alto Arc on the lineup.

MusicMarch 14, 2023
Brenda Carsey
About being a woman on this planet

Teaming up with Sharon Like, the artist now unveils the audio and visual collaboration that perfectly encapsulates the lyrics of her song “Unfortunate Men.”

MusicMarch 14, 2023
To all my past lovers

With her new single, “Award Season,” the rising 23-year-old Korean-Israeli pop singer-songwriter gives out the awards her past lovers truly deserve.

MusicMarch 13, 2023
Cookiee Kawaii
Feeling every twist

“Let Me Rock” is the new release from the New Jersey-based artist, teaming up with Rocky Snyda and being part of her upcoming album “Club Soda. Vol. 3”

MusicMarch 13, 2023
Traversing Europe through sound

His highly anticipated EP “Van” is the epitome of a DIY project, having been composed with little more than a small modular synth in the back of a van.

MusicMarch 13, 2023
Salt Ashes
Longing for someone

The London-based singer/songwriter releases her first single of 2023, “Heart Attack,” along with an exciting music video directed by Kassandra Powell.