Literature - MusicSeptember 13, 2021
Ángelo Néstore
Mirada empática

“Poeta Cíborg Pecador” es el debut musical de la artista queer no binaria que, partiendo de su libro de poemas “Hágase mi voluntad”, sigue abriendo mentes.

LiteratureSeptember 07, 2021
Victor Martinovich
The banned bestseller

The Belarusian journalist, art historian and bestselling author of “Revolution” believes that good writing must be truthful, or better yet – banned.

Literature - ArtAugust 10, 2021
Kai-Isaiah Jamal
Words do matter

Poet, writer, performer, model and activist Kai-Isaiah Jamal speaks to METAL for the Anti-Hate in print edition, available now online.

LiteratureJune 17, 2021
Shumon Basar
The comments section is the real world

Providing both hilarity and unease, this graphic novel explores what’s next for the modern mind in an era of apocalypse, extremity, outrage, and absurdity.

LiteratureMay 12, 2021
Sylwia Chutnik
One hundred per cent authentic

The Polish writer uses her personal experiences as a queer woman to challenge and find a space for herself in the oppressive discourse of her country.

LiteratureNovember 02, 2020
Adam Eli
Queer solidarity

Following the principle that queer people anywhere are responsible for queer people everywhere, the author and Voices4 co-founder speaks of activism and BLM.

LiteratureOctober 16, 2020
Toby Thompson
Everybody say love

First inspired by hip-hop, Toby Thompson is a performance poet and rhyme magician whose spoken word offers sanctuary from the lurking fear of futility.

Literature - PhotographyOctober 13, 2020
Clara Benador
Between dreams and reality

Ahead of her book presentation at 0fr on October 16th, we speak with the Paris-based poet, artist and photographer about dreams, reality and more.