FilmJanuary 04, 2021
The Makkina
Who sets normality?

Filmmaker duo The Makkina presents "Impatto", a 3-minute film that explores what relies on the human psyche and the question: who sets normality?

Fashion - FilmDecember 30, 2020
Reiner Holzemer
The artist is present

Director Reiner Holzemer discusses his documentary about Martin Margiela and how he got the most elusive fashion designer to talk about his work.

FilmDecember 21, 2020
Where thoughts leave the mind

Recorded during the lockdown via Zoom, "Nostalgia" features eight teenagers who enter a game that takes them on a journey through their deepest thoughts.

Film - Filmin by MetalDecember 09, 2020
Amy Seimetz
Capturing the contagiousness of fear

"She Dies Tomorrow", the latest project from American actor/director Amy Seimetz, is eery not only in its fascination with death but in its timeliness.

FilmNovember 25, 2020
Michel Franco
Empathy for the masses

"New Order" has garnered quite a lot of criticism for its commentary on the currently polarized Mexican society, but Franco isn't afraid of controversy.

Film - Filmin by MetalNovember 24, 2020
Gaspar Noé
Crafting the modern cult cinema

With his film “Lux Æterna” finally being released in Spain, the auteur is working with Saint Laurent, shooting without a script, and laughing at bad reviews.

Art - FilmNovember 20, 2020
Queer Desire and Revolt
Plural identities

As part of the online exhibition “Out and About: Queer Visibilities in the Collection,” the Berlinische Galerie presents six short films about queerness.

FilmNovember 19, 2020
Carlo Sironi
A love story

Italian director Carlo Sironi presents his first feature film, “Sole,” a touching story about surrogate motherhood, loneliness and the quest for love.