Art - DesignMarch 24, 2021
Sofia Salazar
The beauty of the in-between

This Argentinian artist who lives and works in the United Kingdom, explores craftsmanship through finding beauty in the distorted, with a curious eye.

Fashion - Art - DesignMarch 09, 2021
Louis Barthélemy
Egyptian poetry

Meet this French illustrator and designer fascinated by nature, the human body and Egyptian creatures who defines his work as intuitive and full of love.

Art - DesignFebruary 05, 2021
Alexis Jamet
Working on identities

This Paris-based graphic designer, art director and artist's work is quite diversified, ranging from conventional identities to bright illustrations.

DesignJanuary 19, 2021
Memphis: Plastic Field
What is good taste?

MK Gallery pays tribute to the artistic movement that changed the design guidelines forever, collecting their most outstanding work in a unique exhibition.

Art - DesignJanuary 05, 2021
Ivan Fernandez Galindo
Travelling through space and time

An identity built through exposure to different cultures by travelling. The restless architect and artist tells us about his thought process and his new series.

Art - DesignDecember 30, 2020
Hanjipan Designs
Toys are for everyone

Meet the Sheffield-based artist creating extra cute, joyous, adult-friendly toys inspired by Japanese anime, fairies and ugly-cute animals like frogs.

DesignDecember 02, 2020
Chybik + Kristof
Designing for the future

Architects and urban designers Ondřej and Michal create buildings that transcend generations and form bridges between private and public spaces.

DesignNovember 10, 2020
Ananas Ananas
Food as a way to bring people together

Elena and Verónica build unique and ephemeral edible installations that merge design, food and art, which bring people together and create human connection.