Art - DesignDecember 30, 2020
Hanjipan Designs
Toys are for everyone

Meet the Sheffield-based artist creating extra cute, joyous, adult-friendly toys inspired by Japanese anime, fairies and ugly-cute animals like frogs.

DesignDecember 02, 2020
Chybik + Kristof
Designing for the future

Architects and urban designers Ondřej and Michal create buildings that transcend generations and form bridges between private and public spaces.

DesignNovember 10, 2020
Ananas Ananas
Food as a way to bring people together

Elena and Verónica build unique and ephemeral edible installations that merge design, food and art, which bring people together and create human connection.

Art - DesignOctober 28, 2020
Sucuk und Bratwurst
Messing with the mainstream

Revolutionising the world of 3D visuals and taking over your favourite brand’s media campaign, this collective’s art is equal parts beautiful and bizarre.

DesignSeptember 02, 2020
Gucci Décor
Souvenir from Rome

Inspired by the opulence of the Capitoline Museums, the Italian House introduces us to their newest homeware collection, which includes all kinds of objects.

DesignApril 20, 2020
Charlotte Taylor & Hannes Lippert
Quarantine dreams are made of this

Dreaming of interiors to get lost during quarantine? The set designer and 3D artist have collaborated on the “Tiled House”, a beautiful yet imaginary house.

Art - DesignMarch 10, 2020
Celebrating contradiction

Until April 8, visit Mexico-based gallery Masa’s exhibition celebrating contradiction as a reflection of the ongoing process of becoming and self-definition.

Art - DesignFebruary 18, 2020
Training Humans
Welcome to dystopia

If you’re a fan of “Black Mirror”, don’t miss this exhibition exploring the photos AI systems are trained with and how they create bias and discrimination.