BeautyFebruary 06, 2019
Ana Takahashi
Make up as an art form

Her make up looks are more than just that. Her painterly manner and wayward inspirations coming from cinema and art movements are what make her stand out.

Fashion - BeautyOctober 22, 2018
Emma Breschi
Loving oneself

A model, photographer and creative mind, Emma Breschi portrays a fashion and artistic world in which body positivity and femininity are crucial.

BeautySeptember 03, 2018
Dain Yoon
Her body as her canvas

This illusion artist uses makeup to leave us wondering... uncertain of what is real and what is fantasy. Her chameleonic trippy art makes you look twice.

Fashion - BeautyAugust 09, 2018
Goodbye Bread
Let’s fan the flames

Retouching is so 2000s. Asimoula Georgiadi talks self-love and confidence and how she plans to demolish society’s unrealistic expectations of beauty.

Beauty - EditorialJuly 27, 2018
Metal Nº 39 - Story 7
Felicity IngramMariaelena Morelli

Beauty - EditorialJune 21, 2018
Henrike Stahl

Beauty - EditorialMarch 01, 2018
Milk, let’s make up
Anders KylbergAmanda Rodriguez

Fashion - BeautyDecember 06, 2017
Nafisa Kaptownwala
We all are beautiful

Meet the founder of Lorde Inc., a game-changing modelling and casting agency that’s fighting against racism and the lack of diversity within the industry.