ArtFebruary 23, 2021
Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art
Corruption and Love

The second Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art is taking place in Moscow and follows a divergent curatorial process, one based on recommendations.

ArtFebruary 22, 2021
Ry David Bradley and Hanna Hansdotter
Colliding mediums

Both artists unite their contrast of artistic personas in their collaborative exhibition, "Once Twice," on view at The Hole, New York, until March 28.

ArtFebruary 11, 2021
Kaan Ulgener
Transhuman optimism

London based 3D artist discusses transhumanism, beauty in the age of technology and sustainable prospects of 3D printing.

Fashion - ArtFebruary 11, 2021
Unapologetically righteous

Founded by Egor Eremeev and Alina Muzychenko, this Russian collective exposes the corruption of their homeland through fashion, photography and activism.

ArtFebruary 10, 2021
Tamara Stoffers
Upon closer look

Dutch artist Tamara Stoffers’ collages show the endless potential of odd knick-knacks, surreal propaganda posters and other stray bits of history.

ArtFebruary 10, 2021
Bahati Simoens
Vibrant daydreams

Tiny heads, dark shadows, soft colours, and a celebration of African heritage collide in the artwork of this Burundi-born, Belgium-based artist.

ArtFebruary 09, 2021
Paige Beeber
An introspective view on the global pandemic

New York-based artist Paige Beeber uses her artwork to reflect on the uncertainty of living in a global pandemic in her most recent exhibition “Farbe.”

ArtFebruary 08, 2021
Joey Yu
Illustrating the joy of living

Daily situations, different cultures and her friends coexist in the drawings of this London-born illustrator, who perfectly embodies open-mindedness.