Isabelreitemeyer metalmagazine
ArtMarch 30, 2018
Isabel Reitemeyer
Cut-out imperfect creatures

The Berlin-based collagist deconstructs animals and the human body in order to create mysterious and imperfect figures that will surely make you dream.

Joost conijn good evening to the people living in the camp 1
Art - FilmMarch 29, 2018
Joost Conijn
Where are the limits?

In order to tell truthful and well-documented realities, the Dutch artist and filmmaker breaks rules and crosses borders to go where no one has ever gone.

Malarko metalmagazine
ArtMarch 28, 2018
A naive energy and a clunky precariousness

Meet the British-born, Barcelona-based artist whose pottery, ceramics and graffiti are just like him: fun, easy-going, naïve, and even a bit rebellious.

Enriconagel metalmagazine 11
ArtMarch 23, 2018
Enrico Nagel
The thousand faces of collage

We speak with the self-taught illustrator and collagist about how did he find his passion for art and how has he pursued a career as a visual artist.

Kaws metalmagazine 1
ArtMarch 21, 2018
Kaws at Perrotin
Welcome back to Asia

The acclaimed American artist is having two major solo shows simultaneously in Tokyo and Hong Kong, inaugurating on March 22 and 26 respectively.

Otobongnkanga metalmagazine 6
ArtMarch 19, 2018
Otobong Nkanga
Glimmer and shine

Starting March 31, MCA Chicago will exhibit the works of the Nigerian artist who examines the relationship between Africa and the Western world through mining.

Nada newyork2018 metalmagazine 2
ArtMarch 16, 2018
NADA New York 2018
The best we’ve seen

The New York contemporary art fair gathers diverse forms of mix media and design to expose cultural thought and perspective relative to modern-day society.

Ineslongevial metalmagazine 11
ArtMarch 13, 2018
Inès Longevial
Painted poetry

Meet the French artist whose portraits reflect a sense of femininity that can’t be locked in a box: subtle but powerful, sensitive and even romantic.