FashionJune 23, 2022
La importancia del tiempo entre costuras

Si pensamos en pulidez, pensamos en la casa madrileña. Habituales de la pasarela Mercedes-Benz y miembros del IFEMA, hablamos con ellos sobre su evolución.

MusicJune 23, 2022
Welcome to the matrix

The DJ’s addictive house song “Matrix” receives a breath of fresh air with a new music video by director Adam Munnings and a remix by Sofia Kourtesis.

FashionJune 23, 2022
Louis Vuitton Men S/S 2023
New looks, new beginnings

The Spring/Summer collection marks a new era for the brand, in the wake of the late artistic director Virgil Abloh. Click on the livestream here!

FashionJune 22, 2022
Marina Eerrie
Beauty and brains

Intricate slow-fashion corsets for brats dolls who talk current affairs. The Law graduate come Puglia-based designer explores her roots in Sakhalin island.

MusicJune 22, 2022
Ceara Cavalieri
Should I stay or should I go?

Her new song, “Used,” is about being in a relationship that begins to feel one-sided, when someone starts acting like they don't care about you anymore.

FashionJune 22, 2022
Gucci Ha Ha Ha
Masculine elegance and retro obsession

A new playful collection, coordinated over instant messaging, celebrates the friendship and creative partnership of Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele.