PhotographyJuly 24, 2020
Latin American Foto Festival 2020
A celebration of the Latinx community

Through the work of 10 artists from the Caribbean and Latin America, the Bronx festival offers a rich, diverse insight on the complex Latinx identity.

PhotographyJuly 22, 2020
Still Cities
Emptiness and introspection

Until July 31st, visit this online exhibition at Czech Center New York where 6 photographers take us through to the empty streets of NYC and Prague.

PhotographyJuly 21, 2020
Tarek Mawad
Into the light

A former member of the 3hund collective, German-based multidisciplinary artist Tarek Mawad pushes the light projection photography to the limits.

PhotographyJuly 16, 2020
Heather Glazzard
Diversity of minorities

Exploring the perception of gender in modern society, Heather Glazzard portrays members of the LGBTQ+ community, revealing their extraordinary self.

PhotographyJuly 16, 2020
The Time Is Now
An anti-racism fundraiser

Galerie Number 8 and Paper Journal join forces for this fundraising initiative, running until August 10th, which will split proceeds between four charities.

PhotographyJuly 15, 2020
Josh Aronson
A romance of the tropics

Get a glimpse of Florida’s diversity through the lens of the Miami-born photographer, who sets out to capture the sunshine state’s youth in “Tropicana, two.”

PhotographyJuly 09, 2020
Guillaume Ziccarelli
Portraying transgender goddesses

Get an inside look of the third gender community in India through the photographer’s exhibition at Perrotin NYC documenting the holy festival Kumbh Mela.

PhotographyJuly 07, 2020
Lao Xie Xie
Not a photographer

Shanghai-based image-maker Lao Xie Xie subverts stereotypical Chinese elements in anarchic depiction of Shanghai’s sexually-liberated urban youth.