Fashion - EditorialJune 08, 2020
Metal Nº 43 - Story 1
Teddy Iborra WicksteedSeila Grau

Photography - EditorialJune 05, 2020
From home
Domingo Nardulli

Photographer Domingo Nardulli asks models, artists and creatives around the world to imagine the indefinitely postponed future after the lockdown.

Photography - EditorialJune 03, 2020
Natalia Samoilova
A world in crisis

With her series “Decadence”, the Belarusian photographer reflects on the current state of the world and holds a mirror up to society and the health crisis.

Fashion - EditorialMay 25, 2020
Billel Ouazene & Noémie Ninot
As dark as the past

Inspired by witchcraft, asylums, magic and religion, Billel and Noémie team up to create this fashion editorial taking you to your darkest nightmares.

Fashion - EditorialMay 22, 2020
A visual poem
Patricia ReyesMaria Barsoum

Fashion - EditorialMay 18, 2020
Stop. Think. Grow.
Juanjo Villalba Bermúdez

EditorialMay 12, 2020
Kristijan Vojinovic

9 models, 9 different cities, 5 different countries, 9 different stories, 17 hours and 48 minutes on FaceTime. No jet lag, low battery, memory full.

Fashion - EditorialMay 04, 2020
Boy’s life
Andrea ReElisa Pietropinto