BeautyJune 26, 2019
Cupid Vault
Manipulating your own image

Visual artist, DJ or digital poltergeist, Cupid uses make-up and other elements to create visual representations of the nuanced parts of his psyche.

BeautyApril 05, 2019
Les Colognes Louis Vuitton
Their first ever range of unisex fragrances

Inspired by the sunny coasts, beaches, and gardens of California, the collection pays homage to the art of travel by evoking an eternal summertime.

Fashion - BeautyMarch 22, 2019
Dior Instagram Filter
Luxury beautification

With the frenzy surrounding face recognition filters on Instagram, the French maison has created its own where you can try different accessories from S/S19.

BeautyMarch 12, 2019
Fine and exquisite fragrance-making

A French mother-and-son duo runs a perfume house that uses no synthetic ingredients in order to achieve one of the hardest feats in the fragrance industry.

Fashion - BeautyMarch 08, 2019
Richie Shazam
Hacking the ‘cistem’

We talk empowerment and fashion with self-proclaimed ‘NYC Bollywood princess’, who is ruling the runway, producing artwork and intimate photography series.

BeautyFebruary 18, 2019
The future of beauty

Meet the hyper-creative entity launching futuristic 3D make up filters on a mission to challenge us to move beyond skin-deep definitions of beauty in 2019.

BeautyFebruary 06, 2019
Ana Takahashi
Make up as an art form

Her make up looks are more than just that. Her painterly manner and wayward inspirations coming from cinema and art movements are what make her stand out.

BeautyJanuary 31, 2019
Agua de Surf
Cada ola es única

Idil y Marc, fundadores del SurfCity Festival, nos sorprenden con su primer perfume de autor inspirado en el surf, las olas y la fuerza de la naturaleza.