ArtNovember 11, 2022
Jason Revok
Machine versus human

He presents his first solo museum exhibition, “The Artist’s Instruments,” which takes place at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit until March 25, 2023.

Events - ArtNovember 09, 2022
Blend Festival
Inspiring, learning and creating

From November 2 to 4 we travelled to the Netherlands to attend International Fest on Motion Design & (Post)Digital new edition. Here are the details.

ArtNovember 08, 2022
Design Brut | Philia & Kids
Bridging the gap between design and children

On November 10, Galerie Philia in Paris will open its doors, unveiling the design and creation of sculptural pieces of art imagined and drawn by children.

ArtNovember 08, 2022
Digitally organic

Universal Everything, the international media art design collective, is showing its biggest solo exhibition at 180 The Strand London until December 4 2022.

Art - ActivismNovember 08, 2022
Felipe Romero Beltrán
Tú sangras, yo sangro y ellos también lo harán

Si hay un artista que ha entendido la complejidad que subyace entre el cuerpo y su entorno, ese es Felipe Romero Beltrán. Y esta entrevista revela sus secretos.

ArtNovember 02, 2022
Post-Organic Bauplan
Creating a cyborg corporeality

This Leipzig-based duo creates non-organic devices (prostheses) with the aim of developing their own corporal plan and inhabiting an undefined body.

ArtOctober 28, 2022
Ryoko Kaneta
Duality in nature and art

The Japanese painter discusses her interest in ancient Japanese philosophies and the duality of nature, as well as how she brings them to life in her art.

ArtOctober 28, 2022
Marina Abramović x Moco Museum
The definition of heroism

The world-renowned conceptual artist’s 2002 film “The Hero” has unveiled its new home of Amsterdam after a celebratory art event this past weekend.