Florencetetier nicolascoulomb 21
PhotographyJanuary 04, 2018
Florence Tétier & Nicolas Coulomb
Capturing the future of beauty now

Meet the couple behind Novembre Magazine as well as some striking photos that offer alternative ways of understanding what’s beautiful, ugly, cool or uncool.

Georgenebieridze metalmagazine 8
PhotographyDecember 20, 2017
George Nebieridze
Remembering a year in pictures

From orgies in nightclubs to pictures of his daughter, Wilhelmina, the Berlin-based photographer gathers an entire year in “’16”, his new photo book.

Gabrielamendez 1
PhotographyDecember 18, 2017
Gabriela Mendez
Life in colour

Meet the young Latina photographer that captures the innocence and playful essence of the diverse beauties found under the sun of Miami, Florida.

Connykirste sarahamaduah metalmagazine 13
Fashion - PhotographyDecember 15, 2017
Conny Kirste & Sarah Ama Duah
In the search for freedom

Talking about liberation through the body, the photographer and the experimental fashion designer have created a story where performance is the protagonist.

22 ryanjamescaruthers
PhotographyDecember 12, 2017
Ryan James Caruthers
Self-creation through photography

He’s only 23, but he has already been awarded The British Journal of Photography Breakthrough Award and modelled for Hedi Sliamane’s Saint Laurent.

Duranlantink janhoek metalmagazine 20
Fashion - PhotographyDecember 11, 2017
Duran Lantink & Jan Hoek
When dreams are stronger than despair

A designer and a photographer have joined their forces to show you what do South African trans sex workers dream about. Flames and colours, drugs and lovers.

Daviduzochukwu metalmagazine 3
PhotographyDecember 07, 2017
David Uzochukwu
Standing at the beginning of the road

Success came when he was only fifteen. Now, aged eighteen, he’s about to leave his country to study abroad and to keep growing, learning and improving.

Manuelmoncayo metalmagazine 15
PhotographyDecember 06, 2017
Manuel Moncayo
Looking for quiet images

Silence, not sexualized bodies, the deepness of the woods, the green-blue skies and seas, and quietness is what this Berlin-based photographer captures.