Betweenmusic aquasonic metalmagazine 11
MusicJuly 28, 2017
Between Music
An underwater symphony

Hold your breath and submerge yourself in the ethereal and trance-inducing sounds of Aquasonic, the latest performance show that takes music underwater.

Faire metalmagazine 9
MusicJuly 20, 2017
Inventing the Gaule wave

Paris underground music scene is burning right now. With new aesthetics that defy conventions and the cliché elegance, Faire is a band to keep an eye on.

Jacques hall sonar2017 fernandoschlaepfer 010
MusicJune 29, 2017
The sound alchemist

He is making the music of the future with noises of today. When performing at Sónar, he invited us to a trip into perceptions and inner sound dimensions.

Dawn nereacoll01 baja
Events - MusicJune 22, 2017
Sónar Barcelona 2017
Driving people crazy

It was magical, it was explosive, it was… sweaty; and we’re still recovering from it. This year’s edition is another one to remember (if you can, of course).

Hvob metalmagazine
MusicJune 14, 2017
Melting beats

The duo will present their audio-visual show this Thursday at Sónar. Surreal textures and natural processes meet with deep beats in a unique performance.

Boris chimp 504 metalmagazine 1
Art - MusicJune 12, 2017
Boris Chimp 504
Lands at Sonar +D

A monkey sent over the Moon in 1969 is exhumed today by two new-media enthusiasts. The duo presents an audio-visual performance reliving a tall tale.

Rionegro metalmagazine
MusicMay 30, 2017
Rio Negro
Transcending words with sound

Walls of poetry fall down when Rio Negro’s magic starts. Secretly talking with the band’s soul, artist-composer-performer Victor Moreno bewitches you.

Daito manabe lasereyes sonar2014
Art - MusicMay 23, 2017
Our unmissable 10

In addition to music, the festival has a unique area dedicated to technology and its research and applications dedicated to art, culture and business.