Mendezblake metalmagazine 2
ArtDecember 12, 2017
Jorge Méndez Blake
Between the visual arts and literature

By mixing poetry, literature, architecture and visual arts, the Mexican artist achieves a high level of conceptualism as well as an aesthetic experience.

Benisright metalmagazine 12
ArtDecember 08, 2017
Ben Evans
Weed, fetishism and hair

Don’t show his art to your mother, she may disapprove: smoking pot, S&M face harnesses and psychedelic messy rooms are part of his personal iconography.

Artbaselmiamibeach2017 metalmagazine 14
ArtDecember 07, 2017
Art Basel Miami Beach 2017
Our unmissable 10

From today and until December 10, the city will host the biggest art fair in the United States and one of the most internationally acclaimed. Come and see!

Hr011 helen rae white columns
ArtDecember 07, 2017
NADA Miami 2017
The real art alternative

Organized by a non-profit organization, the fifteenth edition of the fair is probably the best and almost unique alternative to the art establishment.

Markjenkins metalmagazine 2
ArtDecember 04, 2017
Mark Jenkins
Irony as a way of survival

Meet the artist whose latest collaboration includes Demna Gvasalia. But before that, he’s presented sculptures that talk about depression and melancholy.

Neilharbisson metalmagazine 5
Art - DesignDecember 01, 2017
Neil Harbisson
The reality of a cyborg

Born colour-blind, he’s implanted an antenna to his brain that makes him perceive colours as sounds and chords, becoming the first-ever cyborg on Earth.

Hannahfarrell metalmagazine
Art - PhotographyNovember 29, 2017
Hannah Farrell
A place beyond concepts

Destroying the notions of space, time, photography, sculpture and installation, this artist takes the viewer to a place where nobody’s been before.

A spoon with the bread knife   danny fox
ArtNovember 24, 2017
Danny Fox
The art of honesty and irreverence

With a background of uncertainty, struggle and shitty jobs, this British artist is now at the peak of the art world; but remaining as genuine as ever.