Metal37 1
Mags - METAL 37April 24, 2017
Metal Nº 37
Remake the past, rethink the present

What is the difference between ‘copy’ and ‘tribute’? Why? The new METAL issue asks lots of questions, maybe you can also find some answer. Take a look inside!

MagsApril 04, 2017
Esme Rose
We are hooked

She created Hook Magazine at 16. The Tarot issue, the first one, is described as “Magic, future and anti-establishment.” Meet the self-proclaimed mermaid.

Rudy guedj kopie
Mags - DesignMarch 21, 2017
MacGuffin Magazine
An alternative approach to design

Either designed or anonymously made any object deserves to be explored. MacGuffin Magazine was born to fill this lacking perspective in the design world.

Sukebanmagazine 3
MagsJanuary 24, 2017
Feminism has no boundaries

Feminism does not only include women. Feminism does not only include white women. Fashion deserves to be feminist. These are the three slogans of Sukeban.

Bling bling metalmagazine
MagsNovember 30, 2016
Bling Bling
Oro parece, plata no es

Este jueves, 1 de diciembre, se celebra la publicación de Bling Bling, en Impossible Barcelona. Te damos una pista de lo que podrás ver.

Birdierecetas metalmagazine 1
MagsNovember 24, 2016
Birdie Recetas
Amor, pan y humor

Se acabaron los libros de recetas dispuestos a mancharse de harina. Recetas Birdie nos descubre nueve nuevos sabores en un fanzine ilustrado por Susana López.

Yukiko metalmagazine 1
MagsNovember 21, 2016
Generation Zine

Studio Yukiko found inspiration in the digital world to create their latest work for Sofa magazine. The result: a trashy teen magazine thrown into cyber-space.

Metalmagazine issue36
Fashion - MagsNovember 02, 2016
Metal Nº 36
Push things forward

We are on sale now. Our current issue talks about how nowadays everything needs to be more, better and faster. Is there still room for reflecting or being calm?