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Amandarodriguez metalmagazine 13
DesignOctober 13, 2017
Staging reality through illusion

She’s neither a photographer nor a creative director, but a set designer. So what does she exactly do? Stage the set and balance everyone’s point of view.

Wonminpark metalmagazine 8
DesignOctober 11, 2017
Designing with no limits

With a solo show inaugurating on October 12 at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris, we speak to the designer who looks for eternity in his creations.

Andriussarapovas metalmagazine 3
DesignOctober 05, 2017
Transforming data into music

The multifaceted artist has explored the relationship between art and music since his early career, and his most recent work proved it’s an inseparable bond.

Jda portfolio 27
Art - DesignSeptember 21, 2017
Tension, compression, balance

Wonder at the grand works of this self-taught Mexican artist, who with the help of the laws of gravity forges glass, stones and more into fine sculptures.

Dominickesterton metalmagazine 6
Art - DesignSeptember 12, 2017
Self-discovery through graphic design

Bright colours, solid shapes and humour are the ingredients of the visual recipe of Kesterton’s illustrations. We delve into his multi-coloured graphic world.

Lumiere iii preview photo by robert henke circles
Art - DesignSeptember 07, 2017
The algorithm of art

This engineer looks for simplicity and elegance, and he finds them by building machines that chase technology’s inherent beauty and art’s inner logic.

Martens en visser reflecting holons mu bollmann 6
DesignAugust 30, 2017
Research, experiment, design

Martens and Visser is a design studio focused on movement and its transformation inspired by nature. We talked with their creators to know more about them.

Raminnasibov metalmagazine 10
DesignAugust 21, 2017
Colour in the city

Nasibov has created an aesthetic combining colourful architecture, minimalism and symmetry. His work is a mixture of design, photography and advertising.

Jorgepenades metalmagazine 23
DesignAugust 07, 2017
Diseño para cambiarlo todo

Con una forma de crear ética y responsable con la sociedad, hablamos con este diseñador sobre sostenibilidad, pensamiento crítico y el futuro que nos espera.

Akatrestudio metalmagazine 7
DesignJuly 25, 2017
Multidisciplinary culture

Deeply interested in cultural and artistic fields, Paris based Akatre Studio gives free rein to its imagination language through several sorts of art.

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