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Patrickchurch metalmagazine
Fashion - ArtJanuary 18, 2017
Mental health, pop culture and success

We present you the work of one of the most irreverent artists in London who explores his deepest emotions through raw and sincere paintings.

Loewechanceencounters metalmagazine 3
Hotspots - ArtJanuary 13, 2017
Artesanía y vanguardia

Loewe reúne más de 40 vasijas de cerámica de John Ward y pinturas de William McKeown dentro de su tienda en pleno distrito del diseño de Miami.

Joaogalrao metalmagazine 4
ArtJanuary 12, 2017
Object of desire

This Portuguese artist uses raw materials like wood to create abstract pieces that go directly to the viewer’s emotions and spiritual instincts.

Magdalena abakanowicz
ArtJanuary 11, 2017
La identidad del bronce

Su inquietud por el mundo que la rodea la ha llevado a explorar, mediante el arte, la identidad y las verdades absolutas de la sociedad contemporánea.

Bjoern dahlem metalmagazine
ArtJanuary 09, 2017
The poetry of the Universe

Far from aiming to give a clear answer, this artist wants us to come up with questions about the Universe and ourselves through his installations.

Maider metalmagazine 10
ArtJanuary 05, 2017
Buena letra

Presentamos a Mai Der, una joven artista de carácter multidisciplinar del País Vasco. Su obra, con un estilo muy personal, inspira poesía y reflexión.

Rachellibeskind metalmagazine
ArtJanuary 02, 2017
A rebel heart

Rachel is a political artist who wants to engage with people and move them with her works. She belongs nowhere, so all places belong to her.

ArtDecember 29, 2016
Paper and pencil

Ready to enter Richard Haines’ paper and pencil world? A wonderful mix of fashion and illustration, displayed now at the NY exhibition Larger than life.

Sara videericson metalmagazine 5
ArtDecember 28, 2016
Incantations from the wood

Swedish artist Sara-Vide Ericson has recently presented her new body of works, called Dark White, at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen.

Yukorai metalmagazine 3
ArtDecember 26, 2016
Instinctive art

Her paintings and drawings always contain soft colours, but the illustrator from Tokyo keeps on challenging herself by creating interesting subjects.

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